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Your pet’s favorite people while you’re away!

Loving care is provided to your pet in the following areas: Rocky Mount, NC (27804, 27803), NC 97 E, Nashville, NC

We understand the importance of maintaining a low-stress and safe home environment for your pets—that’s why all of our services are provided in the comfort of their own homes. Before your reservation, we’ll go over any safety precautions that need to be taken and offer advice on how we can work together to reduce stress levels in your dogs and cats during your time away.

To us, it’s more than just checking in on a pet and calling it a day. When we’re in your home caring for your pets for days on end, we’re able to build the bond that makes us the best at what we do. Not only do we passionately serve varied species of pets like dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and more, but we also have veterinary experienced pet care professionals who are able to assist with personalized care for nervous, senior, or medically dependent animals.

And pssst . . .while other pet sitting companies typically charge for extra services like medication administration or house sitting tasks, we don’t charge extra for what should be part of your pet’s quality care. We’re an all-inclusive service—the only time we charge for additional pets is when we’re not able to give each pet the attention they deserve within your allotted appointment time!

All services require a meet-n-greet prior to your pet’s first appointment.

Are you already a client?

We’re so grateful when clients spread the word! As a thank you, if you refer our services to a friend who books with us, we’ll give you both 10% off your next appointment!

Pet Sitting

All pet sitting services below also include the house sitting services such as taking your trash out to the road, alternating blinds, and turning your lights on and off. These little things can help you feel better about leaving your pets and home in the capable hands of professional pet sitters.

Dogs and Cats

$40/day for 2 visits*

Our in-home pet sitting includes walking the dog(s), cleaning the litter box(es), feedings and waterings, and of course, spoiling your pet rotten—just the way they want and prefer! We know some cats prefer to observe from a distance and that’s a-okay with us! Our job is to make sure your pet is feeling loved, maintaining their routine, and not exhibiting signs of stress while you’re away.

*$13 for each subsequent visit within 24 hours

Pocket Pets/Caged Animals (rabbits, hamsters, etc.)

$10/cage for one visit a day

Pocket pet sitting includes cleaning cages if needed, feedings, and checking on general health and well-being. Lazy Days prides itself on personalized care, so if your pet loves to run around and exercise, we’ll make sure to play with them and provide proper exercise in a safe enclosure.

*Additional visits are $10 each

What happens if you have more than one of these pets?
Lazy Days is not here to nickel and dime our clients. We’ll only charge for the most expensive pet above. For example, if you have a dog and a rabbit, we’ll only charge you for the dog.

Recurring Dog Walks

Monday through Friday $10/day for 20-minute walk. Price is for regularly scheduled, recurring weekly walks.

There are many options for dogs to get out and get exercise during the day, but not all dogs do well in daycare or thrive at the dog park.

– Your shy Shih Tzu may not do well in canine social situations.
– Your old English Sheepdog may not have the stamina to keep up with the younger dogs.
– Your pug may need to ease into moving more to assist with his weight loss.
– Your Husky may be too hyper for the other dogs at the park.

That’s where professional dog walkers like us come into play! Canine physical and mental stimulation should be customized to the needs of each dog and that’s what we do best. Send your pup out to exercise with us and we’ll personalize the pace, length, and activity to his/her needs.

*Weekend walks or one-time walks are billed at the regular pet sitting rate above.
*This price includes walks for up to two dogs. Three dogs and above is $5 per dog.

Horse and Farm Care

$35/day for two visits

You don’t want just anyone caring for your child’s 4H sheep or your older Quarter Horse who needs a little extra care..Our Lazy Days team has experience in caring for farm animals, including horses, sheep, chickens, and cows. And we are happy to get in and get our hands dirty to give your farm animals the best care possible!

Included in our horse and farm care services is feeding, providing water, and giving hay to any animals in our care. We’ll also be sure to check their general health and provide a little attention to those who prefer it.

*If you need stalls cleaned, an additional fee of $10 per day will be applied.

Pet Taxi

For only $10 each trip, we will pick up your dog and take them to wherever they need to go!*

Did you have a last-minute emergency and need us to take your dog to the vet for their scheduled appointment? Perhaps you know you’ll be late leaving work and need someone to pick up your dog from the groomer. Don’t stress —let us handle it for you.

*Pet taxis outside Rocky Mount are billed at the IRS standard mileage rate of $0.57 per mile.

House Sitting


If your dog is joining you on your upcoming vacation, we can still be here to ensure your home is safe and cared for in your absence. Whether it’s bringing in the mail, watering plants, making sure your house looks lived in as a crime deterrent, or bringing in the trash bins, we’ve got it covered. For most clients, we’ve done these things in the past while caring for your pets, so your pet is tagging along this time around, you may as well ensure your home remains safe with someone you trust who already knows your home!

*This fee also includes care for feral/outdoor cats.

*Holiday rate is an additional $5/visit for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

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