Do you keep pets in your home or come to mine?

Pets typically thrive in their home environment (same smells, routine, etc.). That’s why all of our services are provided in your home.

Do we offer services for your pet without a prior meet-n-greet?

We require that we meet your pet before services can be scheduled. This is our opportunity to form a connection with your pet, learn their personality, preferences, routine, and quirks! This is essential to assist in making sure their time is peaceful and enjoyable while you’re away.

What do you do when it rains?

Grab an umbrella and carry on! In the event of severe weather (ice/snowstorms, hurricanes, etc), we do our best to reach your pet within a reasonable amount of time but only after it is safe for our sitters to do so. We will clean up any messes that your pet makes if we are overly delayed.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We would prefer at least two weeks advance notice, especially for first-time clients so we have plenty of time for the complimentary meet-n-greet.

Do we care for special needs pets and can administer medications?

Yes, we have several team members with veterinary experience who can assist with medication administration and special needs assistance. Just give us a heads up and we can chat through your unique needs before your appointment.

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