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Do you have a pudgy Pug?  A hyperactive Husky?  Or maybe an old Old English Sheepdog.  Possibly a shy Shih Tzu.  Did you purchase a perky Poodle puppy?

Whil10561615_10204322570415374_6631985612600419105_ne there are many options for dogs to get out and get exercise during the day, not all dogs do well in daycare or going to the dog park. 

The shy Shih Tzu doesn’t do well in canine social situations, and that old Old English Sheepdog may not have the stamina to keep up with the younger dogs.  Pudgy pugs need to ease into moving more and getting out to lose weight. 

And that Husky may be too hyper for the other dogs at the park and needs to be exercised on his own.  The perky Poodle puppy may require regular, long walks so that she is too tired to be destructive.

This is where we come in! 

We are happy to take your dog for a walk, which allows them to get out and exercise at their own pace.

Cost:  $10 per day (there is an additional charge of $5/dog if you have more than two dogs who require walking)

Only available Monday-Friday; price is for regularly scheduled, recurring weekly walks.  One-time walks or weekend walks will be charged at the regular pet sitting rate as stated on our Pet Sitting page.