Services and Fees – Pet Sitting

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Dog Care  
$36 gets your two 30 minute visits a day for beloved canine friends.  That gives them time outside, getting their meals, treats, and plenty of love and cuddle time.
Want more visits for your dogs?  Maybe they are used to going out at lunchtime or have a bathroom break right before bedtime.  Or maybe you have a older baby or a brand new one who just can’t hold their bladders the way other dogs can.  We can certainly accommodate those!  Cost of additional visits are $12 extra.  (Up to three dogs)

Cat Care – 
$18 will get your cat one 30 minute visit a day so to spend time with them (if they want to spend time with us, that is – we all know how some cats prefer to spend time watching us rather than interacting) as well as cleaning their litter boxes and feeding them.
If your cats require additional visits due to medication or simply because you want us there more often, the cost is $18 for a second visit.

Small Animal Care – 
$11 per cage for one visit a day.  If you require more visits to ensure that your rabbit or guinea pig gets the best care possible, it’s only $11 for an additional visit.

So what happens if you have more than one of these pets?  Well, we here at Lazy Days don’t believe in nickel and dime-ing people.  We will only charge you for the most expensive pet.  So if you have a dog and a cat, we will only charge you $18/visit.  (Unless you have more than three dogs.  If you have more than three dogs, we do charge an additional $5 per visit per dog.)

This charge also includes the small things like putting your trash out to the road, alternating blinds, and turning your lights on and off.  All these things just to help make you feel better about leaving your pets and home in the capable hands of Professional Pet Sitters!

HOLIDAY RATE:  Additional $2/visit
Holidays include New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Are you already a client?  Referring us is the best way to show how much you love what we do!  And when you do, we give both of you 10% off your next appointment!  It’s a win-win!