9 Steps to Prepare Your Pets for Natural Disasters

Image Attribution: Annette Teng

Image Attribution: Annette Teng

The month of June is the official start of hurricane season, and we North Carolinians know firsthand how devastating these storms can be. Still, many folks tend to be left scrambling when a hurricane alert is issued. We’ve all seen how quickly the grocery store shelves become empty right before a storm hits.

To avoid the stress and risk of not having what you need during a natural disaster, it’s best to prepare now. You can find extensive information on how to deal with a wide range of disasters and emergencies on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness site.

But what about your furry family members?

With all that goes into disaster planning for your family and home, it can be easy to forget all the not-so-obvious needs you should have on hand to make your pets safe and healthy during a major weather event.

Take a look at these nine steps for preparing your pets for natural disasters:

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